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Deborah J. Merritt and Ric Simmons'
Learning Evidence:
From the Federal Rules to the Courtroom, 3d

The third edition of Learning Evidence is now available, ready to ship for winter/spring classes. The new edition incorporates all rule changes--including those that took effect on December 1, 2014--as well as recent developments in the case law. The edition also includes more than a dozen videos designed to enhance student learning. This title is a part of our CasebookPlus™ offering as ISBN 9781634595407. Learn more at CasebookPlus.com

The text refers students directly to the videos, which are available here in the "Student Resources" section of the website. Many of the videos include quiz questions that allow students to assess their own knowledge. We have also maintained a separate set of problems, also available in the "Student Resources" section, for students who want to test their knowledge further.

Although the third edition includes these upgrades, we have maintained the same organization and approach. Most of the text and examples remain the same. Professors who have used the first or second edition will find transition to the third edition seamless.

To accompany the third edition, we have updated our comprehensive teacher's manual. The manual notes all changes in the rules or case law, and offers new examples for many chapters. We have also maintained the "Professor Resources" section of this site. That area of the website includes an electronic copy of the teacher's manual, suggested syllabi, PowerPoint slides, classroom exercises, writing assignments, sample exam questions, and more. Students cannot access that portion of our site, but any faculty member interested in teaching Evidence may request a password to gain access.

An Innovative Text for Teachers, Students, and Practitioners

Professors, students, judges, and practitioners have all praised this innovative text on the Federal Rules of Evidence. Key points, step-by-step rule exposition, concrete examples, courtroom transcripts, charts, and chapter summaries guide readers through each of the federal rules. The approach works in the classroom, law office, and courtroom.

In an Evidence course, the book lays a foundation for cutting-edge classroom discussion. Learning Evidence moves beyond the traditional case method, engaging upperlevel students in a deeper study of Evidence. Students come to class knowing basic principles and understanding how to apply them to simple problems. They are ready to explore more complex evideniary problems, probe policy issues, and practice their knowledge.

Summer Supplement
We have posted the 2016 Summer Supplement. Faculty, students, and members of the public are all welcome to download and use the supplement free of charge. Please see the link to the left.

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